a little more U will take u the whole way…

at home in yer self

freedom to be alive and fully present in yer Life, guided by that internal well-spring of wisdom who Iz U.

if u were to hear there iz a place within u where yer deepest soul knowingz emerge frum, where all of yer decisions and actions could be born frum, where yer inner wise U emerges to speak soul-full whispers into yer heart-ear, day-night-night-day, would u believe it? have u been dreaming of a Life created frum yer hearts callings, living each day wholly, where u forever follow the Spirit of Who U R?

come along, let’s explore this “mystic shit” together.


hold yer heart and enter the Wild Unknown in theze guided programs. welcome yer Self home, open wholly, and become the living dream.

dive in

werk with we


elevate yer heart wholly during intimate 1-1 sessions, with channeled messages frum the council of elders fer yer specific soul-tune.


get to know yer Self thru our guided meditationz; visualizations heer to tune yer frequency and help u re-member yer Self home.

tune in

meet kiki

hiya! i’m fuckin’ peached yer heer 🙃

yer go-to fer all thingz magic, mystic, and “other werld”

listen, i get it: wut in the fucking bananas iz this One on?! great question. turnz out i’m alive and fully l-i-v-i-n. thatz the beauty of going thru dumpster fire, after dumpster fire, after dumpster fire, after… dumpster fire. turnz out all that (metaphorical) burning alive really does forge One to reveal the inner Spirit of Who U R. who knew! 👀

therez a certain freedom granted to One who dares to bare their seasons (yes, seasons) of dumpster fires: freedom in body, mind, soul, Life, and freedom in living.

darling beauty, i’m fuckin heer fer it, so let’s get mangoes and turn theze fires with sum bons so that u, too, come to know yer Self wholly. come now, itz time to feel alive again. itz our l-i-v-i-n seasons, beauty.

come home

yer heart iz calling…


dive deep into the soul terrain of Who U R, untangle wut asks of yer attention, and find yer Own Way forwerd frum where u r today. mythic me iz a 6 week 1-1 guided program with curated weekly sessions. during each session in this guided series u’ll come to know wholly: U R yer own.

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