holi hueman,

let’s bring yer Big Dreamz to Life.

let yer dreamz live…

learn how to live yer dreamz out loud in this 6 week guided program, with weekly group sessions.

⪦⋉ the call of distant shores ⋊⪧

Big Dreamz: those most precious heart-whispers which continue to tug at u, day-night-night-day, yearning to be created in the werld; those dreamz u carry around with u, right there in yer heart, that come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and whispers.

u’ve bee hearing the call fer sum time meow. itz time to befriend this call, get clear on yer Soul’s whispers, and commit to bringing yer Big Dreamz to Life.


darling dreamer,

Big Dreamz iz not just another fucking program to follow and “fall out of” practice with when u don’t do it perfectly. Big Dreamz iz receiving guidance to find yer Own Way thru.

learn how to build the framewerk that supportz yer Life, yer unique circumstances, and align All of U with taking brave action towardz yer big, audacious, dream Life.


tap into the heart-true wisdom Who Iz U az u prepare yer vessel for yer Grand Voyage. forecast the weather, read oceanic charts, prepare yer Self wholly fer possible setbacks.

claiming yer Big Dreamz in this way iz U inhabiting new space, new habits. look for and navigate beyond yer own limitationz and resistance, beyond who u’ve once been.


set sail into yer Wild Unknown with thoughtful and consistent action on yer Grand Voyage. with each rising sun and setting moon, dare u continue yer commitments to yer Self, and yer Big Dreamz, thru the Alive and Alwayz Changing practice of charting yer course.

befriend the mystery,
allow itz unfolding in yer Life,
step into yer Big Dreamz,

and watch the magic az U become the Living Dream.

declare yer Big Dreamz

open to the wisdoms of U

draw up yer Dream Map

become a skilled listener

keep yer finger on yer own pulse

chart + change course az Life unfoldz

find yer Own Way thru the muck

claim yer Self captain of this vessel

freedom in the Wild Unknown

pull up yer anchor

push away frum the shore

create momentum with aligned action

hold yer Self accountable to yer dreamz

journey with more grace and ease

grow adept in navigation

live yer Big Dreamz out loud

ready to set sail to the lands of yer Big Dreamz?

frum our clients

questions u may have…

Big Dreamz iz heer fer those who want to live their Big Dreamz out loud and don’t know how-where-wutthefuck to get started.

i fucking get it, there are whole werlds within u, and heer u r doing yer best to be yer most authentic U out in the werld. and yet, sumtimez, yer dreamz get left behind. not because yer doing it wrong ~ never because yer doing it wrong ~ more likely because u don’t yet have a system, a process, a framewerk that’ll show u the way thru.

don’t get it twisted: Big Dreamz iz not another program created with a strict set of rulez to follow. nay. Big Dreamz iz a set of loose ideaz that create a firm foundation frum which u can play and tune and build yer Big Dreamz into life az u see it meow. and meow. and meow. and meow. itz a program that allows both the firm (the masculine) and the fluid (the feminine) to dance in harmony together. itz knowing yer Self so wholly that charting yer course becomez attuned to the who-what-where-when-why-how u find yer Self on yer Grand Voyage.

this program will help u navigate all kinds of seas and az the dayz turn to nights turn to dayz u’ll become ever more skilled at seeing ahead and charting a clear way thru. out on yer great adventure, u’ll also have all the room to create and play in this framewerk in wayz that feel good to U.

Big Dreamz iz a way thru the muck, dropping the dream pinz on yer own map, and creating yer Own Way forwerd. itz creating a Life wholly and uniquely yer own. itz feeling the freedom of yer realized Self az yer Life unfolds.

still curious? fill out the form below and let’s hop on a clarity call to suss out if Big Dreamz iz fer U. 🫶🏾

darling Beauty, when i say “Big Dreamz” i mean the dreamz who have been living in yer heart all along. theze dreams that live in the depths of yer heart… theze subtle whispers delivered straight frum yer Spirit… theze ever-present threads of yer own desires… this iz wut i mean when i say Big Dreamz.

wut else could be bigger than the tune, that golden hum, of yer heart?
wut else could be more important to yer feeling and Being alive in yer Life by creating yer dreamz?
wut ever could compare to the BIGNESS of Who U R? of who u might dare to Be?

darling One, yer dreamz are Big because u matter in this werld. did u hear me? u and yer dreamz matter in this werld. i can promise u this, the wholeness of Who U R and the light of yer Big Dreamz r so needed in this werld. abso-fuckin-lutely.

again, the Big in Big Dreamz iz a measure of the Truth of theze dreamz az they arise frum yer Spirit direct thru yer heart-ear.

welllllp, heerz the thing… u don’t. wut i do know iz this… any one Thing in Life iz wut u put in, plus a bunch of unknownz, plus a willingness to trytrytrytrytry againagainagainagain. period. thatz it.

so too does this apply in Big Dreamz. if this program werx fer u depends on wut yer willing and able to put into the program and the flexibility of the program. yer showing up fer yer Self thru each week, fer completing the weekly tasks, fer really digging in and giving it yer best, iz u showing up fer yer Big Dreamz. iz u telling yer Self that u matter. iz u showing yer Self, thru yer actions, that u r committed to creating yer Big Dreamz out in the werld.

i’ve also personally seen the magic of the flexibility in the program werk wonderz fer all kinds of dreamers, with all types of backgrounds, and all flavors of dreamz. the wayz that yer able to create around yer own Being, Life circumstances, and dreamz u’d like to bring to life iz absolute Genius. yep, i said it. in Big Dreamz u get to tap into yer own Genius and find yer own best way forwerd.

define “fail”. tell me more about yer relationship to “failure”. r u gonna make yer Self bad, and wrong, or stupid fer “not meeting up” to yer charted course? r u gonna berate yer Self fer any perceived “failure”, or “falling off the wagon”, or “taking too much time”, or “not sticking the landing”?

darling One, go easy; go easy on yer Self az u learn a now-new way forwerd in yer Life. kneel at the altar of yer Living Dream and ask to be shown yer own way. open to the wayz that the beauty of Life continues to unfold thru U. darling beauty, this learning az u go, this way of trial and error, this way that we fall, and rise, and fall, and rise, and fall, and rise, IZ the way thru. itz in these wayz, thru these failures that we sharpen our tools, that we gain better understanding of how to navigate our seas, that we become an ace explorer out heer in the Wild Unknown.

and this darling, iz wut it meanz to be alive. itz pure l-i-v-i-n, where all of Life moves thru u, where yer dreamz become u, and there iz no good-bad-right-wrong. itz allwayz, and only, l-i-v-i-n babes. l-i-v-i-n. #letsgoooo

holi hueman, let’s dive in!

program deetz

Big Dreamz iz a 6 week guided program with weekly group sessions. during this guided series u’ll find yer own inner wisdomz, and heart-true clarity, on wut dreamz yer ready to create, and learn the framewerk to help support u az u bring them to Life. holi hueman, r u ready? 🪄💫

next group sets sail early 2024

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either-any-all wayz it flowz and feelz in yer heart, thank U fer showing up fer yer Self. holi hueman, may u know wholly: yer dreamz matter…

U matter.

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