darling beauty

open (to) Source

gracious gifts fer U

theze meditationz r guided visualizations heer to elevate yer heart wholly. download theze gifts and carry them in yer satchel to which ever far away lands u travel. darling One, listen in again, and again, and again, and again, and again. let the waves, theze subtle nudges, ebb and flow at the uniquely divine shorez of Who U R.


a note ~ each gift openz in a new tab. tune into the meditation there or share~download~save the gift right to yer device. in-joy!

want more? if u feel called to this werk and it feelz aligned in yer heart use the buttonz below to find our growing library of meditationz and session bookings with the council of elders.

thanx (Be) to U

darling One, thank u fer being bright, and bold, and so divinely U. thank u fer showing up heer and playing with theze gifts. U, darling One, r so needed heer. U, darling One, r so needed in every place-time-space that u arrive.

may u know wholly…
the beauty who Iz U.

i love u, alwayz and in all wayz,
xxo ~kiki 🧚‍♀️✨