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i help people come home to their hearts.

meet kiki

guide channeler author
darling beauty, U r welcome heer.

there iz… there haz been… there allwayz wuz a time-place where the werld beneath my feet opens and i am swallowed wholly. down to a place of molten lava, of demons, bitches, beasts, of my wurst fears coming true, of my most terrifying nightmares becoming a lived reality.

this place-time comes many moonz ago now, and yet it iz-wuz in this place, these dumpster fires, these (metaphorical) burning alives, these incinerationz, that the Spirit of Who I Am comes to Life. itz heer, after my many deaths, where i realize itz allwayz been me.


down in the shitz.

once upon a yester-year i launch into the underworld of my own heroine’s journey. nay… odyssey. itz heer, on my heroine’s odyssey, that i am invited (cough cough 🫥) to participate in my own “unfolding”. these r all pretty werds to sum up wut r the gnarliest experiences of my life. imagine the phoenix, put her in a dumpster, add 13 gallonz of fuel, light that fuckery on fire and enter the shitstorm.

this, the process of the phoenix: a burning alive that boils yer marrow frum the inside out. first the feathers go ~ it smells exactly like u might think ~ and then the bonez’n’bits r the last to turn to ash. heer in this burning alive, down in that smouldering pile of ash, i come to know my Self again. heer, after i’m turned inside-out, i find my way home. heer, where therez nothing left, i learn: I Am My Own.

healing thru the ages



dropped into deep-deeps via my dads suicide death. trauma. ptsd. therapy: a thorough healing and releasing my Self frum the past, this history i have been carrying. romantic relationship. reaching fer a better way thru Life. many learning, much pain still unravelling, the losses are uncountable. doing my very best to hold it me all together. the “healing” continuez…



reeling thru a void, an existential abyss, after the ending of a romantic relationship, i launch into the darkest suicidal places i have ever been. i face-feel-and-move-beyond my fears, old emotions, stories, beliefs, and re-member my Self home. i discover the Who of Who I Am and emerge wholly me: alive and fully present in my Life. kiki iz heer, at last. victory.



i embody the Spirit of Who I Am. i live in alignment with my inner wise knower and She iz taking me on a werld tour, living on foreign landz, creating a Life of our dreamz. i get to create the Life my heart yearnz for each day, free frum the shackles of my past, free frum the limitations of Who I had been. i feel alive and am finally free in this l-i-v-i-n season. #fuck #yes

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the ocean

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☉ taurus, ☾ taurus,
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folding fitted sheetz

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boots and firewerx

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my happy place

the inner well-spring who Iz Me

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laughing, puppers, dancing

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the alchemist

there iz…

there haz been

there allwayz wuz a time-place where U iz the answer. could u imagine that this time-place iz heer, now? darling One, U r yer Own Way forwerd. U r yer healing. U iz the way thru. U r yer own answered prayers. U r yer future. darling One, itz allwayz been U.

curious about the miraculous come along!

freedom to be alive and fully present in yer Life, guided by that internal well-spring of wisdom who Iz U.

darling beauty, will you imagine fer yer Self the wayz of Life, of l-i-v-i-n, that have been seeded in yer heart. will you allow the crack in yer foundation, a slit in the silt to begin tilling The Soils of U. heer, is where u plant yer seeds: of hope, of yearning, this holi longing for the unfolding Beauty who Iz U. heer, frum this place, this holi Divine Place, you find yer Self unfolding Into Yer Own.

a once in a life time dream

u: eternally unique

i believe…


u r capable

darling One, do not be fooled, u r capable. the magic heer iz this: the journey into yer Wild Unknown iz unique to U. this iz where the fun unfolds az u listen for, hear, and follow yer Own Way forwerd. u’ll come to see-feel-know the brilliance of Life moving thru U.


u r worthy

routines. adulting “life”. stress. repeating, habitual patterns. living on auto-pilot. feeling stuck, uninspired, deflated, defeated, sad, bored. this is not living. you are werthy of joy, lightness, ease, and living frum that internal well-spring of wisdom who Iz U. everyday.


u r enough

u r enough exactly as u r right now. there is no more “out there”. this, darling One, is an inside journey. U have what you need. adventure inwards, enter the Wild Unknown, welcome yer Self home, and become the living dream. yer heart iz calling: itz time.