darling one,

itz time to come home.

yer heart iz calling…

dive deep into yer heart in this 6 week 1-1 guided program, with curated weekly sessions.

⪻⧼ enter the Wild Unknown ⧽⪼

heer yer journey beginz… drop layerz of yer character, forget the levels of this game u’ve mastered, and open yer Self in to the Wild Unknown of All That Iz where:

Life speaks loud and clear to-and-thru U;
every thing holdz meaning;
magic iz reel.

darling One, only U have the keys to this Wild Unknown. i’m heer to help you re-member where u last put them. 😉

⪻⧼ release yer Self frum the past ⧽⪼

r u ready to feel better, lighter, brighter, in yer body? the pain, suffering, and static friction u might be feeling doesn’t have to be yer normal, this doesn’t have to be the rest of yer Life.

during mythic me u’ll build the skills and learn tools to release these pockets of stored energy and heal yer Self, finally feeling relief and peace in yer body. let the old wounding go. move stuck and stagnant energy. become a clear vessel.

⪻⧼ re-member yer Self home ⧽⪼

darling One, az u drop into the soul terrain who Iz U, u’ll be led to yer inner sanctuary; this, a safe place where u get to return time eternal. a sacred home for the Who of Who U R.

using guided visualizations u’ll reclaim lost-forgotten-abandoned parts of yer Self, calling each separated part of U back home. re-membering yer Self home in this way recalls yer Life force energy back into yer body and empowers yer Being.

⪻⧼ find Yer Own Way forwerd ⧽⪼

learn to hear the voice of yer inner wise knower, this intuitive heart-speak who Iz alwayz with U, become yer own guiding Light, and feel an internal and embodied power like u have never known.

mythical One,

get to know yer Self deeply az you listen for and follow yer own inner guidance. itz time u claim this freedom, this felt-sense of aliveness, this deep and omnipresent connection to the Spirit of Who U R.

into the Wild Unknown

bring more of U online

become the Living Mystery

re-member parts of U home

build a home inside yer Self

reconnect to yer inner wise U

listen for + follow inner guidance

create a Life once dreamed of

welcome yer Self home

remember the Who of Who U R

who’z been Heer all along

guided visualization

inner imagineering

release stuck + stagnant energies

dialogue with inner Wise U

follow the Spirit of Who U R

ready to live frum the freedom of Who U R?

frum our clients

questions u may have…

great! u know wut that meanz? yer gonna come in heer and really fuck shit up!! …in all the best wayz of course. 🙃 this program, like all thingz Life, werx best with a beginners mind. u know, that wildly open and fantastical place that is just one giant field of possibilities and opened awareness to wutever magic might unfold before our very eyez. yippee, i says!! yippee, indeed. 👋

darling One, do not be fooled, every One can connect. the magic heer iz this: the journey to “connection” iz different fer every One. this iz where the fun beginz to unfold az u listen for, hear, and follow, yer Own Way forwerd. u’ll soon come to know that watching the brilliance of Life move thru U iz sum kinda magic. #letsgoooo

yer right, frum where yer heart iz placed, it likely feelz like a lot. i get that and i’ve been thru this werx enough to know that yer own Spirit will only bring u to thingz that yer able to get thru. yer own Spirit will continue to serve up the exact right sized meal. yer own Spirit iz omnipresent and allwayz haz yer best interests in mind.

hahah, yer right heer too!! 🤪 listen… tapping into the Wild Unknown (aka the quantum unified field), releasing yer Self frum old baggage (aka rewiring new neural pathways in yer brain and body), re-membering yer lost-and-forgotten parts home (aka bringing more of U online), and creating an everlasting connection with yer inner Wise U (aka listening to hear the voice of yer intuition, yer Spirit), iz not fer the faint of heart. this shit packs a proverbial punch straight to the guts of who u’ve once been.

tho riddle me this: out of allllll of the websites, and alllllll of the guides, and alllllllll of the possibilities, these “random probabilities”, u’ve found yer Self HEER. why iz that? how iz that?

do u wonder about the magic of this?
do u wonder wut yer Spirit iz trying to guide u to?

curious, isn’t it? 😉

darling One, let’s fucking do this!

program deetz

mythic me iz a 6 week 1-1 guided program with curated weekly sessions. during each session in this guided series u’ll dive deep into the soul terrain of Who U R, untangle wut asks of yer attention, and find yer Own Way forwerd frum where u r today. darling one, r u ready? ✨

ready to chat?

complete the form and receive a link to book yer clarity call. on the call we’ll dive into yer curiosities about this werk and u’ll get super clear inner direction if our werking together iz a fit fer u. 💗

either-any-all wayz it flowz and feelz in yer heart, thank U fer showing up fer yer Self. darling One, may u re-member, allwayz and forever, and in all wayz…

U R yer own.

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