• coming home


    ⪻⪻ coming home ⪼⪼


    feel fer the resonance in yer heart. sense fer the presence of Love, heer fer U, right heer, in yer body. settle in the heart of U. settle in the heart of Who U R. meet again yer inner wise U, who iz allwayz and all wayz looking out fer U. feel the presence of U, grounded heer on earth. the U who haz been heer All Along. drop deeper. darling One, let yer Spirit show u the way home. hand-in-hand with the Spirit of Who U R, may u ask of them to bring U home.


    follow that golden thread of U, thru and beyond, follow them home. this safe space, where All of U iz welcome. untouchable by every-any person-thing-circumstance. this internal, ever-present place, within U: a well-spring of Yer Own wisdom to return to time eternal.


    darling One, welcome Home.


    meditation run time ∞ 28 minutes

  • Self az Source


    ⪻⪻ Self az Source ⪼⪼


    find the beauty of U; the central channel of Who U R. watch yer Self, drop deeper, drop deeply, drop deepest into this central channel of Who U R. heer in this cherished place: Your Home. meet yer inner wise U. take pause, relax into this spaceless, formless, timeless place of Who U R. set yer divine intention, meet yer Self, and retreat to this inner cavern fer yer own answers, yer own clarity, yer Own Way forwerd. u r Yer Own. u get to come home. delight in the Spirit of Who U R, revel with great satisfaction fer this eternal connection.


    darling One, choose this journey and celebrate yer Great Return; meet yer inner wise U and celebrate yer returning home. drink frum the well of U, re-member yer eternal, internal well-spring of wisdom who Iz U. do not get it twisted, U r the way forwerd. U r yer Own. U r yer Own Source of wisdoms.


    darling One, U know.


    meditation run time ∞ 27 minutes

  • U matter


    ⪻⪻ U matter ⪼⪼


    there haz allwayz been U. land heer, darling One, move deeply into the depths of Who U R. welcomed home, yer Returning Grace, to be with yet again, the Spirit of Who U R. the body, yer Being, relax together heer in yer home. come for reprieve. come for relief. every time u cross that threshold frum body into this Being home, this internal well-spring who Iz U celebrates yer victorious return. it iz heer in this safe place, u r reminded of your wholeness. u r reminded of your holi-ness. u r reminded of the Grace who Iz U.


    may u know this tomfoolery, theze beliefs one might carry of One’s Self ~ i do not matter ~ the invitation becomez holding U, welcoming u back home. lost at sea, can u find yer Self? go to them, draw them neer, draw them in, bring them home.


    darling One, U matter.


    meditation run time ∞ 33 minutes