Self az Source

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⪻⪻ Self az Source ⪼⪼


find the beauty of U; the central channel of Who U R. watch yer Self, drop deeper, drop deeply, drop deepest into this central channel of Who U R. heer in this cherished place: Your Home. meet yer inner wise U. take pause, relax into this spaceless, formless, timeless place of Who U R. set yer divine intention, meet yer Self, and retreat to this inner cavern fer yer own answers, yer own clarity, yer Own Way forwerd. u r Yer Own. u get to come home. delight in the Spirit of Who U R, revel with great satisfaction fer this eternal connection.


darling One, choose this journey and celebrate yer Great Return; meet yer inner wise U and celebrate yer returning home. drink frum the well of U, re-member yer eternal, internal well-spring of wisdom who Iz U. do not get it twisted, U r the way forwerd. U r yer Own. U r yer Own Source of wisdoms.


darling One, U know.


meditation run time ∞ 27 minutes

⪻⪻ Self az Source meditation sample ⪼⪼

meditationz are a final sale. please have a listen to the meditation audio sample above before completing yer purchase. if u want a full dose of meditation magic before yer purchase Click thru to GET GIFTED and receive it there. thanx Be!


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