U matter

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⪻⪻ U matter ⪼⪼


there haz allwayz been U. land heer, darling One, move deeply into the depths of Who U R. welcomed home, yer Returning Grace, to be with yet again, the Spirit of Who U R. the body, yer Being, relax together heer in yer home. come for reprieve. come for relief. every time u cross that threshold frum body into this Being home, this internal well-spring who Iz U celebrates yer victorious return. it iz heer in this safe place, u r reminded of your wholeness. u r reminded of your holi-ness. u r reminded of the Grace who Iz U.


may u know this tomfoolery, theze beliefs one might carry of One’s Self ~ i do not matter ~ the invitation becomez holding U, welcoming u back home. lost at sea, can u find yer Self? go to them, draw them neer, draw them in, bring them home.


darling One, U matter.


meditation run time ∞ 33 minutes

⪻⪻ U matter meditation sample ⪼⪼

meditationz are a final sale. please have a listen to the meditation audio sample above before completing yer purchase. if u want a full dose of meditation magic before yer purchase Click thru to GET GIFTED and receive it there. thanx Be!


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