sweet reverie, you are

a poem, titled ~ sweet reverie, you are

by kiki

you didn’t give me life
Life gave me life
you were the channel
in which we tuned
and i was delivered
thru your womb

you didn’t give me life
Life gave me life
Life gives me life
continues to give me life

as long as i can hold
back my strife
and live in the freedom
as a leaf on the
top of the waters-
river edge

floating down
the river stream
like a bright fucking beam
of Light,

delivered by Life
supported in life
encouraged with life

go forward, little one
keep going my child
deliver blessings and bounty
feel playful, gleeful
child-like once more

you are here
for more than

you are here
for more than

and everything
Life included
fits you like a

as it’s meant to.

walking thru the days
in no particular way
understanding once more
what has been delivered
at your door

something so graceful
something so grateful
to be in your presence
many gifted wrapped

for you, darling one
for you to revel in
sweet delicious reverie
marvellous miraculous
magic making beauty

of Life

flows to you,
flows thru you
is All around you.

this pretty petalled
we call: You

this pretty petalled
we call: Life

it’s too
here for you
to support you
to uplift you
to gift you

the miraculous makings
of the sweet magic
that is
all of Life

let it flow thru you
let it flow around you
let it become you

as you float
further down
the river of Life
going with the flow

a leaf, traipsing
on the tops of

with merry and delight

continue on child
allow the colors of life
to seep
and saturate
and soak
your cells

so fully
so wholly
may you be blessed
and always
in all ways

you are.

i love you, darling child.
i love you.