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welcome to Love: letterz

thanx Be to the magic of U

isn’t it wild… of all the places, spaces, and momentz in “time”, u’ve found yer Self heer… with ME! thatz sum magic, huh?!

darling One, to say that i’m SO FUCKING PUMPED that we’ve found each other iz an understatement to the jubilationz that roll thru my marrow when i see that u’ve signed up to play along with me heer at kiki loves.

if u’ve not yet had a poke-about the place i fully encourage yer button mashing, peek-a-boo’ing, and web adventuring. do know this, Love: letterz r heer az a way fer we to stay connected, and too, az a way fer me to deliver the good stuff (Love) straight to yer inbox. until then, darling One…

may u re-member…
the beauty who Iz U.

i luv u BUNCHES,
and then bunches moor after that,
xxo ~kiki 🧚‍♀️✨

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a Once in a Life time Dream

U: eternally unique


yer gracious gifts r heer! go deeper in to the Who of Who U R with theze guided tracks. open to source and come to know yer self wholly.

darling u r so loved.